Target Inc. CEO Brian Cornell Salary, Email Address, Education and More

Target Corporation is one of the largest retail corporations in United States. The company is a publicly traded company and is listed at NYSE and is a component of the S&P 500 Index. The headquarters of Target Corporation are established in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. Currently, it is under skillful execution of one of the most renowned business CEO’s in the world – Brian C. Cornell. He joined as company’s CEO in August 12, 2014.

Prior to Target, Mr. Brian C. Cornell served as the Board of Directors of Centerplate, Polaris Industries, Yum Brands, Home Depot and Office Max. His career journey also includes his work tenure as CEO of Michaels, Sam’s Club and PepsiCo Americas Foods. Let’s catch a glimpse of  his education and financial credentials. So, furthermore in this section you can get information about Mr. Brian C. Cornell Net Worth, Salary as CEO of Target, Educational background and more. Let’s See!

Brian Cornell
Brian Cornell, Photo Credit: Target Inc.


As CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Target Corporation, Mr. Brian C. Cornell gets total compensation of $18.9M. Breakup of this total compensation amount would be –  $1.4M in salary, 71.93%  or $13.6M of this total compensations is received as stock awards, $3.3M as non-equity incentive plan and $592.5K as other types of compensation.

Net Worth

Mr. Brian C Cornell is one of the most famous business personalities in the world. He was also acknowledged with the title CNN’s Business CEO of The Year in the year 2019. The total net worth of Brian C Cornell is approximately $67.5 million dollars. The credentials stated here are based on updated data as of 20 August 2020.

Email Address

To get in touch with CEO Brian Cornell, an email is the most sorted and effective mode of communication. You can share your concern or important matters or request with him by dropping an email at his official email address. Please note down the official Email Address of Target Inc. CEO Brian Cornell:

Mailing Address and Phone Number

You can also get in touch with him by mailing your concerns. You can send your confidential or other important correspondence at Target Corporate Headquarters: 1000 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN, 55403. Please feel free to share your requests, suggestions and other important documents addressing to the CEO of the company at the given address.

You can also leave a message for him on phone, please note down the official phone line: (612) 304-6073.


Mr. Brian Cornell did his graduation in the year 1981 from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After this, he attended the UCLA Anderson School of Management in the year 1991.

Article first published on December 6, 2020.

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  • delia mckenna

    i have always been more than satisfied with every experience at Target. I am handicapped and use the electric carts provided. For years i went only to the Plainville, Ma store. When their carts stopped working, i moved on to the No Attleboro store. The No Attleboro store had the same problem. I live near the Westwood store but do not go there because of the traffic. I have spoken to the managers. They are professional, courteous and concerned. This is not only an inconvenience but also a safty matter. I have gotten stuck in the back of the stores and have had a full cart and was unable to check out because the battery was dead. I would deeply appreciate the updating of these carts.

  • Jennifer

    I’m sick and tired of the mask mandate in Florida Targets. Our governor lifted the mask b.s and they continue to enforce it, instead of allowing it to be optional. That way, since we are all spending a lot of money there, we don’t have to have restrictions if we aren’t living in Fear . Additionally, it’s mind boggling that they are short cashiers basically at any time of the day, and if you ask for one they tell you, “I have no one.” Oh really? I was under the impression that this is a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY! If you go before 10 am. Only self checkout is available. Who says I want to check myself out? I don’t work there. This company needs to get it together.

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