• Mike Roman

    3M CEO Mike Roman Email Address, Salary, Net Worth, and More

    3M Company is leading US based multinational conglomerate corporation engaged in services of industry, worker’s safety, US health care and consumer goods. The company headquarters are established in Maplewood, Minnesota, U.S. The company is under Chief Execution of Mr. Michael Roman since year 2018. He started with 3M as senior Design Engineer. Want to know the Net Worth of CEO of 3M? Keep scrolling to know more about CEO Michael Roman’s Salary, Net Worth, Email Address, Education and more. In his 30 years of a career at 3M, he served as company’s Chief Operating Officer, Chief Strategist and his current roles and responsibilities as executive Vice President and CEO of…

  • H. Lawrence Culp Jr.

    General Electric CEO H. Lawrence Culp Jr. Salary, Email Address, and More

    General Electric Company is a world famous diversified technology and financial services company. The headquarters of General Electric Company is located in Boston, MA. The company was incorporated in New York City. The company is under successful leadership and execution of CEO Henry Lawrence Culp, Jr. He joined Company’s Board of Directors in April 2018 and became CEO of the company in October 2018. Mr. H. Lawrence Culp Jr. previous work experiences include his services at Danaher Corporation in Washington, D.C as President of the company, Fluke and Fluke Networks also as President. He also represented as Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School. At Harvard Business School, he primarily took…