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American Express CEO Stephen Squeri Email Address, Salary, Net Worth, and More

American Express Company or equally popular with its short name Amex is a famous multinational financial services corporation. The role of company’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is handled by Mr. Stephen Squeri. The company headquarters are located in 200 Vesey Street in New York City. If you wish to get in touch with CEO of the company by mail, you can use the Headquarters address as mailing address of CEO of the company.

Prior to the position of CEO, Mr. Stephen Squeri served as Vice Chairman of the company and Group President of American express Global Corporate Services Group. Mr. Squeri started his career as a Management Consultant at Arthur Andersen in the year 1981.

Stephen Squeri
Stephen Squeri, Photo Credit: MoneyInc .com

Some of his previous work experiences at Amex also include his experience with the Establishment Services group in US and Canada and at Corporate Crad group as president. See furthermore in this section about Net Worth, Salary, Contact information and education of Mr. Stephen Squeri. Let’s have a look at the details here!

Email Address

You can share your concerns with Mr. Stephen Squeri for matters that require his approval or discretion and also for your complaints which are not handled or resolved properly at customer care or at lower management. Please note down the email address of American Express CEO Stephen Squeri: We request you to avoid general inquiries or regular mails at this email address.

Mailing Address and Phone Number

You can also share your concern by mail. Please drop in your mails addressing to CEO Stephen Squeri at the given mailing address of American Express Headquarters in New York. Please note down the complete mailing address: 200 Vesey Street New York, NY 10285-3106. If you wish to leave him a message, please call at: 212-640-2000.


Me. Stephen Squeri’s total compensation as Chairman and CEO of Amex is $23,712,017. This amount includes salary ($1,500,000), bonus ($8,875,000), Stock options ($2,439,992), Awarded Stocks ($10,318,663) other types of compensation ($578,362). The information given here is based on data as of 2019.

Net Worth

As of now we do not have the updated information about net worth of Mr. Stephen Squeri. Please stay in touch we will update it soon. Mr. Stephen Squeri joined Amex in 1985 as Manager and then took several other roles as President, Group President and Chief Information Officer; currently he is handling the role of Company’s Chairman and CEO.


Mr. Stephen Squeri did his graduation in Bachelor of Science from Manhattan College. In the year 1986 he did his MBA.

Article first published on January 11, 2021.

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    I really appreciate you as CEO who is making some serious money suspending the donations to the republican party . I hope you realize that you along with other CEO of Ford and other companies will make sure that the U.S.A. will be a one party country . I personally think a one party system will be detrimental to the future of the republic, but if I made 23 mil a year maybe i would not care either , but then again I would still have to sleep at night . I suppose the burning of buildings all summer long was okay that was cheered on by the dems , the silencing of other people free speech is okay also . This is so wrong in so many ways . Why corporations have to put a heavy hand in politics is beyond me

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